Saturday, January 2, 2010

Putting Your Name In Lights- The Wedding Gobo

Brides and grooms are putting their names in lights!

Once reserved for events with high production budgets, personalized gobos are an now affordable, eye catching trend.

What Is A Gobo?

A "gobo" is short for "go between", as in a pattern that goes between the lamp and lense of a high powered light projector. These specialized lights have a focus knob that allows the image to be sharp and clear, even when projected over a long distance. Gobos can be projected on walls, ceilings or even dance floors.

Custom wedding gobos can be names, monograms, initials, images or any text or pattern.

For an added twist, consider using a colored gel or glass to highlight your message. Or add an image gobo as a background to your main gobo. Here we did mulit-colored hearts beneath the main message:

Here is a double image- two gobos with the same pattern. One colored and slightly bigger than the other:

Professional Results

For best results, the gobo projector should be a high powered, professional unit with superior optics. It may need to be safely mounted on a tripod, truss or other structure in such a way that shadows are not cast on the gobo pattern by guests or other foot traffic.

Here is a recent personalized monogram we did for a wedding at The Mission Inn in Riverside (apologies for the bad camera phone quality):

Here is another double gobo, white snowflakes over blue:

There is no right or wrong way to do a custom wedding gobo. A little creativity can make yours stand out. For best results consult a pro lighting designer. For more info. on custom wedding gobos go to Wedding Gobo

-The Wedding DJ