Friday, March 8, 2013

Don't just enter- MAKE an entrance!

 Wedding Day Tip: Don't just enter- MAKE an entrance!

Your formal introduction will only happen once- make it count!

The difference may be subtle but it is critical. If you just walk in when you are announced, you didn't really make an entrance. You've got to PAUSE at some point and acknowledge your guests. You can do this simply by stopping, standing and smiling for a  few seconds. Your guests want that visual feedback that you are feeling their love, applause and admiration.

Think about what happens on TV talk shows. Let's say Jay Leno introduces his guest, Reese Witherspoon. If she walked out and simply sat down to the applause it would be anticlimactic. But when she stops for a second, makes eye contact and waves to acknowledge the audience, it becomes a more meaningful exchange of emotion. The audience becomes more engaged and usually responds by getting even louder.

It works the same way at your wedding. You may be nervous and your tendency might be to to rush through this formality and get it over with. Resist this temptation! Plan in advance where you will stop for a few seconds. Try to pick the best FOCAL point in the room- the spot where most everyone can see you. Stop, smile and make some eye contact- enjoy this brief moment and relish it! For the more adventurous, a spin across the floor or romantic dip might work. Keep it simple and enjoy your day.

The Wedding DJ