Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surf And Sand Wedding For Akemi & Nathan

Akemi and Nathan chose the backdrop of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean for their wedding vows on May 23, 2010.

Laguna Beach's Surf And Sand Hotel offers a stunning view of the California coastline from their Catalina Deck. The Bride decided on a beautiful Ennio Morricone song- "Love Affair", for the processional.

The reception in The Pelican Room was highlighted by a personalized custom gobo we had designed and then carefully positioned to be displayed across the dance floor. We also set up 2 sound active lighting fixtures for when the dancing got going.

Song choices included music by Muse, The Rolling Stones and the guilty pleasure of Rick Astley's 80s anthem, "Never Gonna Give You Up". Since the Bride and Groom were about to embark on an Australian honeymoon, we couldn't resist throwing in Colin Hay's (Men At Work) acoustic rendition of "Down Under".

The guests partied into the night and made this a Laguna Beach wedding to remember!

Here's to another great beginning!

The Wedding DJ

Monday, May 10, 2010

World's Worst Wedding DJs

There are the "Lounge Lizards", the "Show Stealers" and the "Kings Of Cornball". The common link amongst these creatures is that they will make your wedding day memorable for all the wrong reasons!

Whether it's lame attempts at comedy, the "forced spontaneity" of Chicken Dances and conga lines or the dreaded "Announcer Guy Voice Syndrome" (AGVS), these "performers" lurk among the general DJ population waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.

These insidious predators have not yet been eradicated and may cross your path in real life. If so, don't panic. Tell them you have other DJs to check out and will get back to them. Then screen your calls!

So that you can better recognize them, here are some of the World's Worst Wedding DJs we compiled from Youtube:

Marvin Gaye he aint. I am guessing the green sparkle party hats were handed out by the DJ as part of his "Party Props" package.

He's not JUST a DJ, he's a DANCER! Dude needs to button that vest.

Um... NO!

At least SOMEONE'S dancing! Love all the loose wires hanging down. They told him it was a black and white affair and he complied with a snappy black T-shirt w/ white pants combo.

Wonder how many times this mullet wearing DJ practiced this routine in his garage before launching it on the world.

This guy IS the party! I'd like to blame the bad audio on the camera mic but I can't help wondering if this guy has marbles in his mouth.

Part of the blame for the continued propagation of this dangerous species is people who are "trying to save a few bucks" continuing to hire them. Your wedding will only happen once. Get a good DJ.

Los Angeles DJ