Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cliff Top Wedding In Dana Point

There's nothing like looking out at the horizon and seeing the blue Pacific stretching out endlessly. Especially when you are about to say, "I do" to the one you love! This is what Marie and Chris choose to do for their September, 2008 wedding in Dana Point.

Adding to the visual appeal, The "Tall Ship" festival was going on this weekend. The harbor was seemingly filled with these ancient mariners, their masts reaching to the sky.

I addition to the spectacular views, The Chart House features about THE best reception buffet you'll find. Guests enjoy an incredible salad bar complete with capers, hearts of palm and, oh yes, even caviar! The salmon was tender and the roast beef was quite juicy.

Chris and Marie's playlist ranged from Santana to Phil Collins to Gloria Estefan and the guests enjoyed dancing to it all. Marie's father, "Red", cautioned me to keep the father/daughter dance short, as he wasn't much of a dancer. No problem. I invited the guests to join in after just a minute or so.

We used a four speaker system and two wireless mics so that guests could hear the nuptials and enjoy sound coverage throughout the reception areas.

A special thanks to Chart House manager, Ken Rosnagle and his experienced staff, who attendeded to every detail of the ceremony and reception.

Here's to another great beginning!

DJ Craig

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