Friday, June 12, 2009

MOLAA For Erin and Khaled

Erin and Khaled chose Long Beach's Museum Of Latin American Art (MOLAA) for their May nuptials. Their wedding sets a great example of the power of creative sound and lighting.

It turns out that The expansive MOLAA courtyard, filled with unique sculptures and plants, is a great place for a ceremony!

Can you spot the speakers?

We found the perfect spot where they would both sound good and be unobtrusive.

Before... and after!

For this beautiful square wedding cake, we lit it from 2 angles to make it stand out.

On the candy table we used a small flood light . It must have worked because the candy disappeared quickly!

For the reception room we lit the walls with amber LED uplighting to create a unique atmosphere.

During dancing the guests enjoyed our digital Yamaha sound system and hot music mixes.

Here's to another great beginning!

-The Wedding DJ

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