Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love At The Sunset Tower


Jim and Mark chose the historic Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood for their commitment ceremony on Nov. 6. This storied venue is elegantly retro and upscale, having been meticulously restored to it's former glory as Hollywood's tres chic place to stay.

And now...

During the ceremony, guests enjoyed a view of the couple with the hotel pool in the background and the LA skyline on the horizon.

Mark and Jim's ceremony included a custom The Wedding DJ hadn't experienced before. To the delight of their guests, a non traditional "sipping of the martini" was included as part of the vows. The use of vodka rather than wine as a sacrament may set a new precedent for future ceremonies to come!

After a wonderful meal and several heartfelt toasts from friends and family, it was time to hit the dance floor. Dancers enjoyed a variety of music including Lady Gaga, Blondie, The Ting Tings, Iggy Pop, Madonna and many others.

We used blue uplighting to create a fun ambiance around the dance floor, which the enthusiastic crowd kept full all night long.

Here's to another great beginning!

The Wedding DJ

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Tommy1951 said...

I like your comment that: There are never two weddings that are the same!

I help run a wedding venue in Birmingham AL and that is SOOO true.

I also like your lighting, i.e. the blue up lights. We rely on our DJs to come up with a lot of the lighting ideas for the weddings we host at our facility.